Why Ohio must change course and approve new redistricting amendment

Ohioans are likely to face a pivotal decision in November — one that could have a long-lasting and profound impact on the social and economic vitality of this state that we so cherish and love.

The proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot championed by “Citizens Not Politicians,” will create an Independent Citizen Commission for legislative and congressional redistricting. It is a transformational — and long overdue — reform for a more equitable and prosperous Ohio.

Recently, I joined hands with 70 distinguished business and thought leaders across Ohio in an open letter in support of this measure to end the scourge of hyper-partisan gerrymandering in our state. At the very core of America’s greatness and our free enterprise system lies a robust, functioning democracy — one that genuinely reflects the will of its citizenry and upholds a stable rule of law. Businesses, big and small, thrive in a healthy democracy where the electorate’s voice is not simply heard but also respected and acted upon.

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