Volunteer Toolkit

Welcome to the team! This toolkit has what you need to get you on your way to ending gerrymandering in Ohio. Here you will find ways to share our message on social media, posters to hang in your windows, upcoming signature gathering events, signs to host your own signature gathering event, and more. Let’s go win!

Looking to Sign the Petition?

Volunteer Social Media Toolkit

The best storytellers for this campaign are people like YOU! Every day Ohioans who are working to end gerrymandering and create maps that work for everyone. Our petition won’t reach the ballot without your help collecting signatures and spreading the word. 

We want to share why YOU are excited about ending gerrymandering and would love to feature you on campaign social channels! Take a moment to record a video sharing your excitement and energy around this campaign.

You don’t need overly-produced, fancy videos to make an impact on social media. In fact, a simple cell phone photo or video can be a terrific way to showcase the work being done across Ohio. People like seeing real people talking about things that are important to them.

  • Vertical – You want to take video with a cell phone vertically. This will allow the video to take up more space on a person’s phone screen (where the majority of social media content is consumed).
  • What It Looks Like – Try to hold your phone, or prop it up, at about eye level. This will make it easier to look directly into the camera. Your face should take up the majority of the screen while you’re filming so that you are the focus, and not what’s going on behind you.
  • Background Noise – You want to be sure to film in a quiet location. If you are at an event make sure you are filming where you can still be heard clearly.
  • Background – Before starting the video, check out the background behind you – are there distracting objects or people? You might need to wait a moment for those to move or change the direction you’re filming.
  • Length – The longer a video is, the less likely someone is to watch in full. Feel free to record multiple short clips of 15-30 seconds.

We’ve written down a few ideas below for things to say or clips to record. Once you’re happy with what you’ve got, post it on your own social media and send it to the campaign! 

  1. “Citizens, not politicians. That’s how we’re going to give power back to the people in Ohio.”
  1. “We’re here in [location] collecting petition signatures to end gerrymandering in Ohio!”
  1. “The Citizens Not Politicians Amendment will bring fair maps to Ohio. Help us by signing up to collect signatures! Click this link to find out how you can get involved!”
  1. Answer the question: Why is the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment important? Example: “The Citizens Not Politicians is important because it will end gerrymandering in Ohio!”
  1. TREND: “We’re Ohio citizens, we …”
    1. “…work together to end gerrymandering and create fair maps!”
    2. “…know how to use our voices to make change.”
    3. “…don’t let corrupt politicians get away with bad behavior.”
    4. “…use our grassroots power to fix our state.”
    5. “…are going to end gerrymandering in Ohio—once and for all.”
    6. “… believe that citizens, not politicians, should be in charge of drawing fair maps.”
    7. “…know how to hold our politicians accountable.”



Encourage Your Friends to Volunteer

Share this link with your friends and family! https://citzensnotpoliticians.typeform.com/to/M1y7HbyK

Shareable Graphics + Posters